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Recording is the process of getting the music from your head onto the computer. Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience will give you high-quality files for mixing and mastering. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.


2 hour Minimum


Mixing takes place after the recording is done. This is when we take every element of the song, and then EQ, Compress, add effects, etc. to get the track ready for mastering. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.

$175.00 Flat fee

- or -

$45.00/hr. Artist sit in mixing


Mastering is the final step to a perfect song. This is where levels and clarity shine through to make your song iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify ready. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.

$50.00 per song

- or -

$200 for 5 songs


Wether it’s an idea in your head or a beat you heard and want one just like our custom production service can help! Own your exclusive music for a fraction of the price (internet) producers charge.
We will hand craft a sound just for you so that your music stands out among the rest!

Starting at $45.00/hr.



We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians focus on their craft and bring their sound to life in its rawest and most pure form. 
All rates include our engineer.

It is recommended that new clients tour the studio prior to their first session. During this time we can consult the parameters of your session and make a plan to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  1.   Bring your instrumental/beat/track outs preferably on USB or email to yourself.

  2. Be sure to budget for time at the end of your session to bounce tracks out.

  3. Studio rental for photo/video shoots charged at $50.00/hr.

  4. If you need clean edits, show versions, etc, be sure to request them during your session

  5. No refunds on final products

  6. We ask you show-up on time. Your session starts as scheduled, not when you show up.

  7. Only individuals essential to the recording can be present during the booked time. This includes friends, fans, pets etc.

  8. Each session includes a bounced backup of the recording. If Stems are needed an additional $50.00 fee will apply.

  9. Each Mix includes 1 free recall - $50.00 per recall thereafter.

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